RAIN 2018, 24th of november 2018

Dutch – German – Polish International Emergency Communication Training

Administrators: Netherland, German and Polish National Emergency Radio Organizations (Dutch EmCom, DARC EmCom, SP EmCom PZK)

Contact: Przemek SQ8NYB, Michael DJ9OZ, Jan PA7O

Date:  24th of November 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 1200-1330 UTC

Bands: 2 m – VHF – just local if required, 80/40 m – HF (SSB/FM only Emergency frequencies), digital: Win-Link


– testing coordination of exchanging information between national coordinators,
– testing of making calls for using as less as possible Emergency power supply,
– using phone and digital – WinLink, only


1200-1220 – Identifying of danger. Creating Net-Contol. In Poland: working with SP EmCom Procedures (enclose in polish version of schedule).
In Germany: DL0NFD in Berlin will be Net-control in Germany to establish links to Poland and Netherlands. A further station will be nominated later as backup. There will be no regional or local exercise in connection with this training in Germany.
In Netherland: Callsign netcontrol is PI9D, a view regional stations will be participating in this exercise

Every Net Control has to have a backup, which QTH is in other district.

Communicates should have just important information about weather anomalies or other threat to life or health!
We should avoid to send messages, that could be misunderstood by listeners and taken as serious, as hamradio is open to the public., e.g. bridge over river Oder is closed, village A is flooded and similar messages should be avoided.

1220-1320 – training: make a phone emission contact from Poland to Netherland via Germany and reverse on few bands – 7, 14 and more 🙂 if possible. After, I want to try some digital emission using WinLink

1320-1330 – summary