Het bestuurslid van dienst 24 april - 1 mei 2017 is: Jan Rozema

Bij geen gehoor: Ton Gielen
Het bestuurspiket wisselt elke maandagavond 19.00 uur.

Caribbean Tropical Storm Otto

Inzet voor Dares is op dit moment niet nodig

The storm is threatening Nicaragua and Costa Rica through the remainder of this week. The Nicaraguan Government has raised the alert level for parts of the country to prepare for the storm and the Radio Experimenters Club of Nicaragua (CREN) is also activating their National Emergency Network on the following frequencies;

7098 Main Frequency

7105 Alternate Frequency
3798 Primary Frequency
3805 Alternate Frequency
146,520 Simplex

Radio Club of Costa Rica is also activating their Network on 7080kHz as an emergency frequency starting at 00:00 UTC 23 November.

Radio Amateurs are requested to listen carefully before transmitting and avoid causing QRM to emergency traffic on those frequencies.

DARES Alarmfase