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I have just posted this information to the web and to social media.
Hurricane Maria continues to move through the Caribbean with Puerto Rico
the latest to be affected, losing power and many cellular phone
stations. The SATERN net is operating on 14.265MHz with bilingual
(Spanish/English) operators looking for any messages out of Puerto Rico.
It has been reported from the Dominican Republic that some Puerto Rico
stations are operating on 7.085 and 7.095 MHz and they are communicating
with those stations.
In Mexico the earthquake response continues and the 7.095 MHz frequency
is also in local use there as rescuers move into the affected areas.
Co-Operation is starting between networks in the area and between all
countries in the Caribbean area and their assistance is appreciated.
Noodcommunicatie net Mexico van kracht
Emergency Net for Earthquake in Central Mexico
Following the magnitude 7.1 earthquake on Tuesday the IARU member
society, Federacion Mexicana de Radio Experimentadores or FMRE, had its
National Emergency Net activated.
This is on 7.060 MHz, 3.690 MHz and 14.120 MHz as well as IRLP reflector
9200, channel 08. The epicenter in the central Mexico state of Puebla at
1814 UTC on Tuesday was southeast of Mexico City, which felt it.
Early reports had more than 120 people killed as the ‘quake toppled
buildings and rescuers are searched the rubble for survivors.
FMRE President Al Tomez XE2O reports the National Emergency Net has been
handling traffic to make up for the loss of some mobile phone networks.
He noted that the latest earthquake was on the anniversary of the 1985
magnitude 8.0 earthquake that struck the Mexico City, killing some 9,500
Since then Mexico has prepared for seismic events.  A week ago, a
magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck off Mexico’s southern coast. It killed
more than 60 people and caused considerable damage.
Tropische storm Max
Na een week Irma/Jose is er een nieuwe orkaan in wording, genaamd Max.
Uit voorzorg hebben Mexicaanse amateurs een noodnet ingericht, opererend op de frequencies 7060 and 14120 kHz. Daarnaast is het wachten op de tweede storm Norma.

I.v.m. de aardbeving afgelopen is een Mexicaans noodnet ingeschakeld


The National Emergency Network of the Mexican National Society (FMRE) declared on 8th September that they would be using the following frequencies as they prepared for the arrival of Hurricane Katia.

With the magnitude 8.1 Earthquake hitting Mexico at 0449UTC today, assume that these frequencies are in use now as they respond to that disaster.

20m 14,120 kHz 
40m 7,060 kHz 
80m 3,690 kHz

14325 kHz was also expected to be used to co-ordinate with the USA Hurricane Watch Net.

Various Winlink nodes may also be used to deal with the emergencies.

With HF propagation disturbed after the X9 solar flare on Wednesday, please take all steps to avoid interference to emergency communications activities in the Caribbean. 

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