Uitzendingen PI9D vanuit het DLCC Oegstgeest 

PI9D net transmissions from our national crisis centre
located at Oegstgeest (JO22FE)


Schermafdruk 2018 06 14 20.31.19  Tenzij anders aangegeven organiseren we elke eerste zondag van de maand een 80m/40m ronde vanuit het DLCC (Dares Landelijke Crisis Centrum). Zie schema onder. De uitzending start met een netcontrol tussen het DLCC en onze regionale DRCC's. Daarna kunnen belangstellende amateurs een QSO maken.
Schermafdruk 2018 06 14 20.31.43 Unless otherwise stated, we organize an 80m / 40m net every first Sunday of the month from the DLCC (Dares National Crisis Center). See schema below. During the start of our net there will be a netcontrol with our regional emcomm controlcenters. after that QSO's can be made with the operator(s) of PI9D.


DLCC located in Oegstgeest, locator JO22FE, reports welcome via mail: pi9d (@) dares (.) nl


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Date  Time (UTC) QRG 80m (kHz)  QRG 40m  (kHz) Type Mode Operator  Remarks
7 october 2018 08.00 3745 7065 (*) Voice LSB Hans/Wim  

(*) 40m: only if there are enough conditions

 Onze stichting neemt deel aan en organiseert evenementen met als doel om publiek en professional kennis te laten maken wat noodcommunicatie is en hoe Dares hier een invulling aan geeft.




Datum Plaats Locatie Evenement
14 oktober 2018  Culemborg   Veiligheidsdag
3 november 2018  Zwolle IJsselhallen  Dag van de Radioamateur


Zaterdag 26 mei 2018 Landelijke veiligheidsdag Almere

Dares Regio 09 (Utrecht) en Regio 25 (Gooi/Flevoland) zijn op deze dag aanwezig met 2 tenten. D.m.v. diverse demonstraties laten zij aan het publiek zien wat noodcommunicatie inhoudt. U vindt ons op de Esplanade (zie onder)

Schermafdruk 2018 05 25 09.23.00Schermafdruk 2018 05 25 09.23.16


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Op de site is een nieuwe set examens (examenset-2018) beschikbaar

Na inloggen: bestanden>werkgroep OTC>

M.i.v. maandag 16 april 2018 is onze stichting AVG proef.

Zowel, de DDA en de nieuwsbrief applicatie voldoen aan de vernieuwde wetgeving

J. Rozema

Hier vindt u de alarmeringen van de 3 IARU zones indien Dares inzet (o.a. monitoring noodfrequenties) gewenst is.

Zone Land/regio Inzet

Indonesia/Lombok earthquake

YB0Z 7055 kHz SSB emcomm net activated





I have just received this report from Dan YB2TJV on the ORARI response to the latest Lombok Earthquake. I will post information to the website to get this wider publicity.

On behalf ORARI HQ, let me make a brief report due to the second massive earthquake that hits Lombok Island during this week, the second is stronger and worst, Shellshocked Indonesians on the resort island of Lombok began returning to their destroyed homes on Monday after a powerful earthquake killed at least 98 people and seriously injured more than 200 others

Many residents found their houses reduced to rubble after the magnitude 7.0 temblor on Sunday along the island’s northern coast, forcing them to erect makeshift tents in their own yards

The Orari of West Nusa Tenggara Region alrewady take an action to cover the celluler blank spot area lead by YB9KA and YB9GV, unfortunately the electricity was also blackout in all Lombok Area, there are 2 repeaters that shut down due to no power back up at that time, YB9KA and friends is effort to get a 70 A battery, to be installed, during the blackout in Lombok, Orari HQ, is ordered to ORARI Bali Island Region (the closest area) to back up the repeater from Kintamani, Bali Repeater and Karang Asem repeater (also in Bali) to be used for emcomm in Lombok.

Orari HQ has issued an official letter, to Orari the nearest region, to help both logistics and personnel to Lombok, and to determine the National Frequency for the Lombok Earthquake at 7.110 MHz for HF, VHF on 145,500 MHz Simplex and 147.00 MHz Duplex, and also activate ORARI Satellites LAPAN IO-86, to assist communication.

And the last information from YB0QA, the Operation and Technical Head of ORARI HQ, he is negotiating with one of the communication equipment agents to help with the communication equipment to support the rescue operation.

Update: The Indonesian Search And Rescue Council Central Java Region has sent a group of rescuer and vehicles, lead by YB2QC to join the National Rescue Operation in Lombok

At this time there are 4 repeaters operated in disaster area.

ORARI Jakarta is also arranging the delivery of logistical assistance to Lombok.

That is what we can report at this time. We will report back after news updates

73, Dani, YB2TJV"











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